How To Help Your Bestie Through A Breakup

Originally published on UNI Junkee, 21st November 2017.

When a relationship breaks down, one of the most valuable bedrocks are the friendships that remain.



Motivation: 31 Million Seconds | 动机:31百万秒

Something I think about a lot is how to bottle up those bursts of motivation so I can use them at my whim. Because god knows if I only worked when I was motivated I wouldn’t be one tenth as productive as I am now. Like inspiration, motivation is one of those elusive states we’re always chasing, but can never quite recreate whenever we need it most. As you go on, you learn to force your own motivation as a means to keep moving.

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An International City: 31 Million Seconds|一个国际城市:31百万秒。

I spend a lot of these blogs basically having internal monologues about whatever’s got my focus that week. But I thought it was about time I brought my focus more external and regale you about my home for the past year: Shanghai.

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Keep Moving : 31 Million Seconds |一直向移动 :31百万秒。

There’s this video on YouTube that I go back to periodically. It’s an interview for Mandarin News Australia with Kevin Rudd, completely in Mandarin. I remember watching it for the first time in Year 11 or 12 and being flabbergasted by how well he could speak Mandarin, and how little I could pick up despite studying the language for years. This would be a consistent feeling as the years wore on.

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